Corporate Events/Team Building

Team Building events help promote creativity. Working together with other team members can ignite creativity and fresh ideas, which are great qualities to bring back to the office.  We can offer workshops that will get them out of their usual comfort zone and into an environment where they can learn a new skill and socialise with collegues, which can be one of the best ways to increase productivity.

All our workshops can be tailored to suit your requirements, but we recommend the following 90 minute session that includes:


  • 6 vanilla cupcakes per adult, freshly baked and packaged in their own box so they can be taken away easily.
  • All icing supplied including buttercream for piping and different colours of fondant to make decorations.
  • All tools and equipment for decorating, including non stick mats, rolling pins, and a variety of cutters and moulds.
  • An apron each for use during the session.

Your team will be shown how to pipe buttercream swirls and roses onto the cupcakes and how to use all the equipment supplied. Then it's down to them to create their own designs. Help will be given throughout the workshop.

We require a minimum of 8 participants per session and at present can take a maximum of 20. However should you have a higher number then feel free to get in contact and we will do our best to accommodate. Prices vary as are based on the number of participants, duration and the specification of the session, so once we have this information we will provide a tailored quote.

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If you would like any further information regarding our corporate events/team building, or for availability, then please get in touch below. Ensure you include the date you require, venue, duration and an approximate number of participants.